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The Importance of Sexual Compatibility

Sexual compatibility in a relationship can often be an overlooked aspect that can have a major impact. Couples should discuss what being sexually compatible means and how they can overcome any issues to improve their relationship.

Here’s What A Female Orgasm Actually Feels Like, Pure Fuss – Watch For These 5 Signs

As a man you need to recognize how your woman feels when she reaches an orgasm. And let’s get it clear, it is not by asking her. All you need to do is be aware of the signs she gives you once she achieves her orgasm.

Small Penis, No Problem – Pleasure-Enhancing Tips for the Less-Endowed

Penis envy is as old as mankind, and from the time they reach adolescence, boys are conditioned by guy talk, locker room humor and the media to believe that a big member is the best kind. However, while there are women who confess that they prefer the super-size version, most females tend to prefer a slightly smaller model, and the majority of them are not concerned about penis size at all. The good news for men is that taking the right approach to intimacy and understanding how to improve the penis can help them make…

Sex Addiction and Attachment Problems

Obviously there are varying degrees of compulsive sexual behavior, and not everything is cause for alarm. But when sex takes over your life and you are helpless to stop destructive behavior, then counseling is in order. There is one thing sexual addiction is NOT-an excuse for sexual indiscretions and marital infidelity.

Improve Sex Drive Naturally – Easy Fixes for a Tired Penis

Decreased interest in sex is often a result of lifestyle choices that can be easily modified. These suggestions can help improve sex drive naturally.

What to Expect From an Erotic Hypnosis Call

You’ve always wondered about Erotic Mind Control haven’t you? You’ve seen those ads for erotic hypnosis phone sex and they send a little shiver up your spine wondering what could happen if you let yourself go. The anticipation is exciting, so is that little bit of fear! The idea of giving someone else control over your mind is an intoxicating idea, isn’t it?

Why Every Relationship Needs Sex Toys

If your sex life is already great, why would your relationship need sex toys? Adult sex toys help you spice up your relationship and have a more fun sex life.