A Good Time on the Farm

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
A Good Time on the Farm

I couldnt believe that I was going to old Robs to ask for a job, but the factory had a big layoff and I had to have some kind of income. Old Rob was about seventy and owned the biggest produce farm in Western Tn. I dealt with his /son/">son, Elliot, who was about forty, as he was a horse trader and so was I to an extent. The old man was a total bastard to deal with but Elliot told me that since I spoke Spanish well, that I needed to ask the old man for a job. Elliot figured hed pay me more as I could translate well for the dozen or so Mexicans working for him.

So here I was knocking on old man Bobs office door. "Bring yer ass in," I heard a raspy voice shout over the small air conditioner hanging lopsidedly in the window. I grit my teeth and walked in...Robs eyes lit up when he saw me. Damn..that old man had been randy for me ever since the /first-time/">first time I had come over to swap some horses with Elliot. My God...he was seventy or so...what could he do?

"Rob..I need a job." "You know the plant laid off and I need some summer money..besides you know I speak Spanish well and I can help out with the Mexicans and plus you know Im a hard worker." Rob looked me up and down and I knew it was a good move not to wear a bra or panties. Let the old man get a good look..what was he going to do anyway? Old Rob got up from his desk and walked over to me..." that some nipples I see under that shirt?" Rolling my eyes..I answered his question, " thats are you gonna hire me or not?" He leered, undressing me with his eyes.."Be here at six tomorrow morning."

When I walked out of his office, I saw several pairs of brown eyes giving me the once over. I knew all of Robs Mexicans and knew they would all like to get a piece of a big titted blond with a round ass and good legs. Id never had one but I had always wondered about the "/lovers/latin-lover/">latin lover", thing. I noticed that one..Juvenal was rubbing is crotch in a suggestive manner. I also notice he had a huge hard on.

And then there was Elliot...Robs son..Elliot had tried to fuck me for years but Id always resisted him. Since we traded horses,I thought it /bad/">bad business to be fuck buddies as well. Elliot was reputed to have had a dick as big as a horse and yes I was kinda curious but I still maintained that pleasure and business be kept apart.

The next morning I was there at five, an hour earlier. It was still dark and you could just hear porn videos download the sounds of birds singing..I was leaning against my truck when I felt someone come up behind was Rob. "Girlie", he rasped, "Im gonna make you a deal." "You strip off buck naked and sit up on the tail gate of that truck and let me diddle you a little..Ill pay you two dollars more an hour." "And I got some of that wacky tobaky you young folks like and a pint of whiskey." What Could I say? Damn the man was offering /party/">party tools. And I had to admit I was so horny...hadnt had any in months...maybe I could get a buzz and the old man could finger and diddle me off. "Ok..Rob..lets see what you got." The old man produced a joint and a flask of Wild Turkey. I fired the joint up, took a few tokes and offered Rob some. He shook his head.." Ill just share that whiskey with you smoke all that good stuff your self." Which is what I xxx did.

After about four big tokes and a three pulls on the whiskey bottle I was feeling no pain. Rob lowered the tailgate of my truck and patted it.."Cmon girl..get them clothes off and let me see that thing!" The weed hit me hard and I couldnt believe that in spite of this being an old guy..I was getting turned on. I could feel my clit throbbing and my pussy was getting wet. I started removing my clothes as the old man looked at me with lust in his eyes. The only thing I left on were my shoes. I sat on the tailgate and spread my legs while pulling on my nipples. "Is this what you wanted to see", I cooed.