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The Letter new

100% fiction!

You have been so busy this summer you may not have noticed some significant changes in Jenn. Back in July she told me she was bi and that she knew that I was bi as well. I told her that I was bi but since she was only fifteen that I didn’t feel it was something she needed to know. I also told her I would support her no matter what and if she needed someone to talk to about bisexuality I was there for her.

In the weeks after Jenn told me she was bi as soon as you went off to work or out with your friends at night Jenn changed her clothes. She would get into a tight tank and panties and never wore bra. Once Rebecca came over unannounced and was kind of shocked to see Jenn dressed that way. The three of us watched TV and Jenn was all snuggly with me, leaning into me and then laying her head on my lap. Rebecca called me on the phone later and asked what was going on with Jenn. You know Rebecca always looking for a good fantasy. I told her that Jenn was going through normal identify issues for a girl her age. Rebecca was convinced Jenn was crushing on me. The idea of that intrigued me but mom I told her she was wrong.

Mom the truth is that I never asked Jenn to change the way she dressed because her nearly naked body was a turn on. Are you surprised by this Mom, she is growing up so quickly mom, am I at fault for being turned on by her hot young body?

I began to notice that things were going missing from my room. I had a few lesbian novels in the back of one of the drawers in my desk. There was one called Sappho Sorority Sisters, and I noticed it had gone missing. Mom I’m sure you can imagine who took it. I smiled when I noticed because there is a very hot scene bokep sma pecah perawan in the book between twin sisters. I imagined that Jenn would really enjoy it.

I also noticed that from time to time my thongs were going missing from my dresser and from the laundry. Again, I chose not to bring this to Jenn’s attention, not wanting to embarrass her or draw attention to her behavior.

I began to gently tease Jenn when she dressed revealingly. I would say things like ’Jenn where did that tight little ass come from?’ as she walked by in her bikini panties. I began swatting her bum as she passed just to feel the firmness on my hand. She would always act surprised and say, ’Leave my ass alone!’ but I could tell she loved the attention.

You know we have gone to the pool a number of times this summer and on these occasions I have enjoyed reversing the roles, by teasing Jenn by standing inches from her when I undress to change and get dressed. I would take forever to get my bikini on fussing with the lock and locker so she had amble time to look over her sister and check out my shaved cunt. When we showered together I always lathered my breasts and pussy for a long time pretend I wasn’t aware of how she looked at me, with lust in her eyes.

That brings us to tonight mom. Yes things changed once more tonight. You were out with aunt Judy and told us you wouldn’t be home until after midnight. Jenn said she was going out to the movies with Allie, but that wasn’t true. Allie’s sister Tara was throwing a booze /party/">party and said Allie and Jenn could hang and even have some drinks. Apparently Allie got her hands on a mickey of vodka and the two of them proceeded to drink it with orange Crush. Allie passed out and Jenn managed to stumble the six blocks back home. I heard her stumble over the front step, and I opened the door and she virtually fell into my arms.

She looked at me and mumbled ’Puke’. I was able to drag her to the bathroom just in time for her to spew florescent orange vomit into the toilet bowl as I held her head up. When she got it all up I leaned her against the wall and ran cool water over a hand cloth and whipped her /sweet/">sweet face of sweat and one or two dribbles of puke. I got another cool wet cloth folded it and placed it over Jenn’s forehead I filled a glass of water and got two extra strength pain killers.

’Jenn, hunny, If you can keep these down they will help you sleep. Here’’ She opened her mouth and I put them on her tongue and I slowly fed her the water. She didn’t even lift a hand to take the glass. I spilled some of the water from her mouth and whipped it from her chin. She drank all of the water. Then she told me what she and Allie had drunk at the party.

I smiled and kissed her forehead. ’It’s okay Jenn, I’m here I’ll take care of you.’

She lifted a hand like clumsily, touching my face with her fingers and slurred, ’Alana’you are so be-u-tiful, I love you do you know that’do you know that I’.fucking love you?’
’Yes, Jenn I know you love me. I love you too, you’re my kid sister, of course I love you .’
Jenn shook her head, ’No,’ there were tears in her eyes, ’You don’t get it, you don’t get it, I fucking love you.’

’Yeah, yeah I get it, now time for you to get some sleep.’ I put my arms under hers and lifted her up stumbling we made it to her bedroom. I did know what she meant when she said she loved me mom. Your /daughter/">daughter, my sister was in love alright, and I had done a terrible thing. I had encouraged her in her obsession with me.

I gently lay Jenn on her bed with her feet still on the floor and immediately she passed and was snoring in seconds. Mom, I should have just lifted Jenn’s legs onto the bed and thrown a cover over her, let her sleep it off, that would have been the right thing to do. That’s what a /sister/big-sister/">big sister should have done. But mom you didn’t see the look in Jenn’s blue eyes as she proclaimed her love for me, as she gently caressed my face.

How many days had I watched Jenn strut around showing off her tight young body, hoping I would comment and slap her bum. How may times had I thought of doing more, so much more mother.

I took off Jenn’s sandals and felt the warm curve of each foot. Such lovely feet mom, like yours, small and sexy. I let my nose take in their smell as I pressed the instep of each food against my cheek. I could smell the dried sweat on her feet mother, I tasted her little toe briefly letting my tongue circle it. A salty and tart taste. I could have stopped there mother, but I knew she would sleep better out of her clothes.

Mother can you imagine my excitement as I lifted my sleeping sister’s tank top over her head, her arms so easily lifted over her head to allow the tank to slip off. Of course she wasn’t wearing a bra, and as I eased her back to the bed I took in her firm orange sized breasts with their puffy nipples. Mother I had imagined them and here they were her small pink nipples pointing up, her breasts are that firm.

I paused her mother leaning over Jenn letting my hands gently cup my sisters perfect little breasts lowering my head and taking her small stiff nipple into my mouth, so soft yet firm against my circling tongue. I tasted the other nipple this time testing its firmness with the edge of my teeth. Mother I looked into Jenn’s face and she snored her approval.

What kind of sister am I thought as I licked the gentle curve of Jenn’s round tities then moving down over her rib cage letting my tongue and spit pool at her tiny pierced navel. I flicked at the post and took it into my mouth. Mother this was the point of no return. I was helpless before Jenn’s beauty.

Slowly ever so slowly I unbuckled her thin belt and unzipped her jean shorts. Pulling on the bottom of the shorts I gently slipped them over Jenn’s gently curved hips and down her tanned egs. I chuckled, Mom Jenn was wearing one of my satin thong, and she had tied a knot in the side so that it would be tight on her.

Mom I’m instantly wet when I see this. I know you won’t be home until after midnight and like I get undressed without taking my eyes from my lovely sister. I slowly get to my knees between Jenn’s legs. Can you imagine this mother; can you imagine what I might do next?
With her improvised adjustment of my thong the crotch is drawn tightly over Jenn’s mound in a way that has pulled the soft fabric into her pussy slit.

Mother if you would have heard Jenn’s cry of love you might understand the fire that coursed through my blood at that moment. I knew with every cell in my body that what I was about to do was wrong, yet I was powerless to guard my actions.

I gently let my nose bump into Jen’s satin covered mound tracing her cunt slit, with the tip of my nose. The sensation was electric I gasped out loud. Mother I inhaled my sister’s essence and it was like an orchard, at blossom time, it old waman xxxgx was intoxicating, I felt as drunk as Jenn at that moment.

Mother there was no thought of how far should I go. I was Jenn’s and Jenn was mine that was all there was too it. My tongue pointed the way to my sister’s pussy and I licked her slit through the satin thong. Mother can you begin to imagine the irrepressible passion this ignited in my body? It was almost unbearable, but clearly it was not nearly enough for my rising lust. I pulled the crotch of the thong to one side and gazed longingly at my sister’s sweet cunt. Mother, I’m sorry to use this word but that was what it was to me. I would be my sister’s lover, and as I gently touched the soft folds of Jenn’s cunt I moaned, like a bitch in heat.

It was like my heart was in my mouth mother, and my tongue was pulsing to taste that pink bud. Mother with two fingers I parted Jenn’s thin soft cunt lips with and slowly dipped my aching tongue inside her cunt. Instantly the fingers of my free hand began franticly rubbing and finger /pussy/pussy-fuck/fucking-my-pussy/">fucking my pussy. Mother if you would have witnessed this moment you would have scarcely recognized me, so consumed with want was I. It was as if every cell in my body was rushing through me blood cascading upward to my tongue as I slid its tip over the slick flesh of my baby sister’s clit. Mother there was no recoil it my body, no shame as I pinched my own slit while sucking Jen’s flesh button into my wet, warm mouth.

Do not condemn me mother, yes I violated my sister as she slept, but you must know I was also consumed with love for her. My own cunt was soaked and I knew with all certainty that I wanted to cum with my cunt grinding on my little sister’s.

I moved her legs onto the bed and I spread them wide. Mother you know how flexible Jenn is. It was nothing to slip between her legs raise her right leg to my shoulder thereby lifting her pubic mound so that when I planted my knee outside of her other leg, her sweet nearly hairless cunt was just inches below mine.

Mother I looked into her strikingly beautiful sleeping face, so full of love and promise, and I knew what I must do. Mother I was then determined to fuck my baby sister so hard that she would wake from her stupor and understand in that instant that I indeed did love her the way she loved me.

I shifted my hips and lowered my slick pussy lips onto Jenn’s cunt, I moaned loudly as the sensation was indescribably /sensual/">sensual. My blood engorged clit was throbbing with each trust as my cunt made full contact with my sister’s. With each thrust Jen’s body jerked and I reached down taking one of her tities in my hand squeezing the firm flesh, harshly pinching her stiff pink nipple.

’Is this what you want Jenn,’ I began saying again and again, my voice growing louder with each thrust of my pelvis as my cunt juices freely flowed over /pussy/sister-pussy/my-sisters-pussy/">my sisters pussy lips increasing the indescribable friction of sister to sister, cunt to cunt.

’I love you Jenn,’ I screamed, to you understand I love you!’

At that instant Jenn’s eyes opened wide, trying to grasp what was happening to her.

I leaned down and covered her mouth with mine thrusting my tongue into her wetness, as a whining moan rose from her throat.

’Oh fuck, don’t stop, oh yes fuck me Alana, and never stop.’

’I love you, Jenn, I love you so fucking much.’ I gasped increasing the contact of my cunt on my sisters soft pussy lips, grinding as Jenn began grinding back. Mother it was like no sex I had ever imagined. I had no idea sex could be so /raw/">raw, so intimate. Jenn reached up and pulled hard on my nipples and thrust her little ass off the bed gasping and moaning my name.
’Oh fuck I’m going to cum so hard.’ Jenn gasped.

At that instant I reached down between our cunts and took her little clit between two knuckles and ground down on it furiously.

’Oh fuck’oh fuuuck!’ was all Jen could say as her young body convulsed under me and /girl/girl-cum/">girl cum spirted from her little cunt all over mine.

’Oh Fuck Jenn, so fucking hot,’ was all I could get out as my cunt confused and squirted cum all over my sisters thighs and belly as I lost control of my body and slumped onto her trembling and groaning uncontrollably. Mother if this was to be my death I would have gladly taken it.

Would you be surprised to hear we slept like that, my body on Jenn’s, cum drying slowly on our spent bodies? When we awoke together, our first impulse was to laugh and laugh, kissing and licking cum from each other’s bodies. ’Love’ was the only word between us mother, ’Love, Love’ ten thousand times as we came again and again, for hours.

You may choose to burn this letter, which I wrote while watching sweet Jenn sleep her lovely mouth pulled into a sexy grin and her eyes fluttering with a dream of tasting her sister’s cunt once more.

But if this letter has aroused you in ways even you did not imagine possible, I ask of you, please join your sleeping daughters, nestled into the softness of your large bed. Join us and let us share with you the love we have found. Taste with us ceaseless and unfathomable love that came unbidden to our summer days and nights. Mother we have called your name in throws of climax, imagining your taste of the slick threshold of our births. Let us feed at our origin’s mother.Let your river of love wash over us once more!