Commercial Company

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Commercial Company

Deftly backing the trailer into the spot where the guard said to, I climb down from the tractor, unlatch the fifth wheel, disconnect the air and electrical lines, and lower the landing gear. ”Damn,” I mutter, looking at the darkening sky, ”I hope it doesn't start to rain!” Climbing back in the cab, I pick up the satellite unit I use to communicate with the company. ”Dropped at the lot”, I send them. ”I'm about out of hours today, and I”d like to go get a shower and some dinner. Think you can find me something for tomorrow?” 

I start to do a little paperwork, and the ”Incoming Message” light on the satellite unit lights up. ”No problem,” reads the reply. ”Enjoy your dinner.”

I put the paperwork down, release the brakes and ease the big Fruitliner into gear. ”Goin” to dinner,” I tell the guard at the gate, ”See ya” later!” I turn onto the street, hit the interstate, and in fifteen minutes I'm over at the truck stop. I find a parking spot in the middle row, and shut the truck off. I throw a clean shirt, my toiletries, and some clean socks and underwear into my travel bag. Looking out the window, I can see that the clouds have increased, and it's going to rain in a little while. I head into the truck stop and get a quick shower. After I get cleaned up, I go have some dinner ” meatloaf again ” and check out the TV lounge. Nothing worth watching on the television, so I guess I'll go back out to the truck, and maybe play a few games on my laptop computer. The rain has started, and its gotten colder. It'll be a good night for crawling under the blankets and sleeping like a log.

Dodging the pouring rain as best as I can, I finally make it to the truck. I change out of my clothes into my sleepwear ” a pair of baggy cotton shorts, and a T-shirt. I set the laptop on the steering wheel, turn it on, and turn on the overhead light so I can see the keyboard. I play a couple games of Spades, but I”ve beaten the computer so many times, it's not fun anymore.

Suddenly, there's a tap-tap-tap on the door. Startled by the noise, I look down, and there's a young girl standing between the trucks. ”Yeah?” I say, as I roll down the window.

”Looking for some company?” as she smiles at me.

”Hmmm”” I think to myself, ”Some nookie for dessert.” ”Get in,” I say, as I open the door, ”Let's talk about it.”

As she climbs up into the cab, I move the computer out of the way and she slides into the driver's seat. I get a better look at her under the light; young - maybe late teens, or early twenties - dark brown hair, dark eyes, and very pretty. She hasn't been worn out by a life of hustling like some of the women I”ve seen at the truck stops. She's maybe 5” 10” tall, and soaking wet.

”Here,” as I hand her a towel. ”Dry yourself off.”

”Thanks,” she beams. ”I appreciate it. Are you interested in some company tonight?”

”Maybe. You”re not a cop, are you?” I ask.

”Hell no!” she replies, as she unzips her jacket. She opens up her jacket, hikes her sweatshirt up over her round tummy, lifts up her bra and shows me two of the biggest tits I”ve seen in a long time. Nice large titties with big brown areola, and nipples that are sticking straight out, just begging to be sucked on. ”You”re not a cop, are you?” she asks me, as she lowers her shirt.

”No, just a lonely trucker,” as I slide the leg of my shorts to the side so she can see my cock.

”Good!” she smiles. ”Well, are you interested?”

”Whattya charge?” I ask.

”Depends on whatcha want,” she replies.

”How ”bout a half-and-half?” 

She looks at me incredulously. ”Me being pregnant doesn't bother you?” 

”No. I like pregnant women, they”re soft and squishy.” 

”I haven't been with anyone in ages, no one wants me since I got fat,” she utters. ”I usually charge $75, but you seem nice, so I'll only charge you $60.” She stares at me intently with her big brown eyes and warns me, ”But you gotta be gentle!”

”Okay,” I say, smiling at her. ”Not a problem.” Reaching into my little medicine box in the cabinet, I grab a pill bottle, open it, and pop a little blue ”Vitamin V” in my mouth.

”What's that? Viagra?”

”Zantac,” I lie. ”Heartburn. I had meatloaf for dinner, and it's giving me heartburn.” I put the pill bottle back, and get a couple of pictures of my favorite President ” Ulysses S. Grant - out of my secret stash. ”All I”ve got is this,” I say. ”Got any change?”

”No, I don't,” she frowns.

”C'mon,” I think to myself. ”You want the money, what are you gonna do?”

”If you want, I could spend a little extra time with you, maybe an hour or so. Maybe get you off twice” if you think you can!” she says, smiling at me. 

Easier than shooting fish in a barrel. Show them the money, and let them make the offer. ”Well” okay,” I say. ”That'll work.”

”Good!” she says, taking the $50's and putting them in her purse. ”My name's Lexus, what's yours?”

”Lexus? C'mon, what's your real name?” as I pull the curtains closed around the windshield and put my road atlas over the glass in the lower right door. Now we”re alone, no one can see in.

”Jennifer,” she says. ”Lexus is what I go by when I'm dancing.”

”You”re a dancer?”

”Yeah, I used to dance at ”J. T.'s Pussycat Lounge” up off of Northside Expressway,” she says. ”Know where it is?”

”I”ve seen the billboards for it, but I”ve never been there,” I tell her.

”It's not a bad place, it's okay, I guess. I made good money, but after I started to show, they wouldn't let me dance anymore. I was waiting tables and tending bar, but the manager got into a big argument with my asshole boyfriend last week, and he told me to come back after I had the baby. Gotta make money somehow.” she shrugs. ”So, what's your name?”

””Seadog” is what they call me on the CB,” I say. ”My real name's Ricky,” as I offer her my hand.

”Where are ya” from, Ricky?” she inquires as she clasps my hand.

”Reno,” I lie, as I slide back on the bunk and slip off my shorts and T-shirt. ”How ”bout you?”

”A little town just outside of Knoxville”, she says as she removes her jacket. ”I left there when I was 18, I couldn't stand it anymore. Haven't been back since. It's been a little over five years ago.” She steps out of her jeans, and pulls her shirt off over her head. She stands before me in all of her pregnancy, big tummy, big titties, and a pair of lacy navy-blue panties and bra.

”How far along are you?” I ask, as she reaches around to undo her bra.

”25 weeks yesterday,” she says, as she lets her tits swing free. ”My titties have gotten so big,” she complains. ”I”ve gained two sizes in the last month. I used to be a 40-D before I got pregnant, now I'm a 44-DD!”

I watch as she removes her panties, and her snatch comes into view. A lush, dark brown forest springs to light, a nicely trimmed Mohawk. A low whistle escapes my lips.

”I kept it like this when I danced,” she smiles, as she fluffs her bush. ”A lot of guys liked it.”

”Me too, it looks nice.”

”Thanks!” as she kneels between my legs, and lies down beside of me. ”Shhhhh” listen” hear the rain?” The rain is pouring down even harder, and making pitter-patter noises as it hits the roof of the sleeper. A relaxing, comforting, almost romantic sound.

I grab a candle in a glass ashtray that I keep for moments like this. I light the candle, put it on the nightstand, and turn off the overhead lights. 

Suddenly, there's a ringing noise - ”BREEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP”. She gets to her feet, and grabs a cell phone out of her purse. ”Yeah,” she says. ”I'm busy, I'll call you later.” I can hear a male voice on the other end, but I can't make out what he's saying. ”I said I'll call you later!” and she hangs up the phone. ”Son of a bitch, miserable fuckin” bastard! I wish he”d leave me alone!” 

”Lemme guess” boyfriend?”

”Yeah. Ever since he knocked me up, he thinks full hd xvideo download he owns me. Always checkin” up on me ” where am I, who am I with, when will I be home” fuck him! I wish he”d go away!” 

I just look at her and give her a sad half-smile. Nothing I can say to her ” life is what you make it. 

”Oh well,” she sighs as she lays back down. ”You smell good, what are you wearing?”

”Old Spice,” I say. A lot of girls like Old Spice, it makes them think of their father or their grandfather, back when they were young and innocent. 

”I like it!” she says as she begins to kiss my nipples. ”My grandpa used to smell like that.”

”I know,” I think to myself. ”Everyone's grandpa smelled free porn movies download like that.” 

Jennifer slowly works her way down from my nipples to my navel, to my thighs, kissing, nibbling, and licking, while avoiding my cock. She works her way closer to my throbbing cock and gently blows on the head. Her cool breath makes it twitch with anticipation, while a trickle of pre-cum begins to ooze out of the tip. I put my hand on her shoulder, not to push her on, just to feel the touch of her skin. I run my hand down her arm, around the front, and begin to stroke her left tit, which is hanging above my leg. I rub her pendulous breast, and slide my hand over to her nipple. I begin to gently play with the nipple, feeling it harden under my touch.

”Easy, they”re tender,” she whispers. Her cool breath is making my cock throb with desire, and I wish she”d wrap her lips around it. Almost as if she can read my mind, she sticks her tongue out, and licks my prick from the base to the tip. ”Like that?” 

”Oh, yeah!” I gasp, as I gently rub her nipple. ”That's great!”

Again she licks my cock, base to tip. And again, and again, and again, like it's a big come-filled peppermint stick. This curvy vixen is fully aware of what she's doing to me, and she loves every moment of it. Finally, she pops the head of my prick into her mouth, and begins bobbing her head up and down, while swirling her tongue around the tip. The sensation is incredible, and my toes are starting to curl! 

”Ohhhhhh”” as a moan escapes my lips. ”That feels so good””

She keeps bobbing her head up and down, up and down, and tickling the tip with her tongue. Every so often, she stops and licks the shaft base to tip like it's her big lollipop, and begins to suck it some more. This is so good, I wish it would last forever. An idea comes to mind”

”Wait a minute,” I say, as I stand up. ”Here, try this””

I'm standing along the bunk, with my cock pointing at her mouth. Jennifer gets the hint, and picks up where she left off ” bobbing her head and swirling her tongue on my cock. I reach down and begin to gently rub both of her titties, feeling their heavy weight in my hands. I lightly tug on the nipples, and feel them begin to harden. She takes one hand, wraps it around the base of my throbbing cock, and begins to jack me off. She takes her other hand and gently runs her fingernails over my balls. The feeling is becoming intense, and I feel the familiar tightening in my nut sack.

”Oh God, I'm gonna come, gonna come, oh yeah, yeah, here it is!” as I feel my orgasm begin.

”Come on my titties!” she says as she pulls her lips off of my cock. ”Shoot it on my titties!” But before she can aim my cockhead at her titties, the first blast rockets its way out of the tip, and hits Jennifer in her Cupid's bow. Hot, white jizz streams off of her lips, runs down her chin, and drips onto her titties. She lifts up her titties with her left hand, and keeps jacking me off onto her boobs with the other. ”Shoot it on me!” she demands lewdly. ”Come on my titties!” Another spurt, and another, and another shoot their way out of my cock and onto her gigantic bosom. 

”Ungggggghhhh”” is all I can say, while she feverishly jacks my shaft, trying to milk out every last drop of come. Her hand is lubricated with my jizz, and she's sliding it up and down my twitching stalk for all she's worth. ”Ungggggghhhh”” as my eyes roll back in my head. 

Finally the spurts stop, and figuring she's drained my balls of all they”ve got, she stops sliding her hand on my shaft. ”Oh God, that was great!” I pant. My knees are weak, and it's all I can do to stand. My eyes regain their focus, and I look down at her. Her titties are covered with jizz, and she's licking the come off of her lips. 

”You came a bucketful,” as she begins to rub my come into her tits. She sees me looking as her quizzically, and says ”It's good for the skin, prevents stretch marks,” as she keeps rubbing my jizz into her titties.

”Man-made skin lotion, eh?” I say, grinning. ”I didn't know that.”

She says nothing, just keeps massaging my come into her tits. After it's all gone, she looks at me with her big mahogany eyes and says, ”Well, ya” ready for more, or are you too pooped to pop?”

”Gimme a minute,” I say, still regaining my composure. ”I'm not the young pup I used to be.”

”Okay. Mind if I smoke?”

”You shouldn't smoke while you”re pregnant. Let me crack a window.”

”I know,” she says. ”Last pack, then I quit.”

Jennifer reaches for her purse, fumbles around in it, and pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. She lights one up, takes a deep drag, and puts the pack back in her purse. As she does, something small and silver falls to the floor. Automatically, I pick it up and begin to hand it to her. 

”What's this?” I say, smiling at her. ”Mother's little helper?”

She takes the vibrator from my hand and smiles back at me. ”It's what keeps me from killing that bastard I live with. He won't fuck me since I got pregnant, and sometimes I get so horny I have to get myself off. He sure won't fuckin” do it!”

”Show me,” I say softly. ”Show me what you do.”

Jennifer takes another drag off of her cigarette, hands it to me, turns the vibrator on, and a low buzzing sound reaches my ears. I throw the smoke out the window, and watch as she rubs the tip around her nipples, and they both spring to attention. She rubs her tits for a minute or so, lays back and puts the vibrator between her legs. ”I like it on my breasts,” she purrs, ”But they”re so tender I can't stand it for very long.”

She begins to rub the buzzing vibrator between her thighs, not quite touching her pussy, almost teasing herself with the sensation. Slowly she moves the vibrator around the outside of her snatch, until I can see it get redder and wetter. Her clit has popped up, and her pussy lips are opening up like a flower. My cock, which had deflated a little, begins to stir back to life.