The Camp

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Camp

This is my /first-time/">first time camping on an island with a group of colleagues. It's organised by the company and almost free. So, as I packed my clothes in my bag, I wondered how the camp would be. I had never attend any camp in high school and I'm a kind of urban guy, not suited to the natural environment. I stuffed all my things in one huge bag, including some magazines for my buddies and I to read at night.

"What?" Dan asked. "Pitch the tent ourselves?"
"Yeah," said the camp chief. "Orders from your company. Teamwork is the focus point here."
I sighed and scratched my head. I had never tie a knot before, not even pitch a tent. We went to the camping grounds and saw the tent equipment prepared for us. Lisa, a quiet superior of mine, went to get the ropes. Others went to help out, /pegging/">pegging, holding up the poles, unfolding the covers etc. I stood there, doing nothing. I coughed and walked over to Lisa, who was tying a knot.
"Err," I said. "I have no idea the wwwxxx how to tie a knot."
Lisa smiled and replied, "I will show you how."
Lisa is a quiet and decent lady. She is medium height and very thin. I couldn't rememeber her age and I guessed it was somewhere between 25 and 30.
She squatted down to tie the knot and I was startled to see her bra dangling down from her shirt. I could see her /small/small-breast/">small breast very clearly and I tried not to gasp in /surprise/">surprise.
I didn't squat down, partly because I've weak legs and partly because I can admire her breasts when I stand. It took her a while to notice that I wasn't paying attention to her lessons on tying knots.
"Hello John?" she asked, waving her hand. I snapped back to attention and smiled. "Yeah?"
"The knot," she replied and carried on with her lesson. I swallowed down my throat and nodded. I tried to listen properly to her lessons but her breast distracted me totally. Finally, she noticed what was happening. Lisa coughed and stood up, her face flushed with redness. "I will go and help out with the others."

It took a whole day for us to pitch the tent. We were exhuasted and hungry after finishing pitching the tent. I quickly gobbled down my food and went to the tent to rest. Dan came in and sighed. "We can't sleep tonight," he said. "We've another tent."
"What?" I cried out. "Don't be an idiot John. The ladies and men sleep in different tents. And don't slack! I saw you hanging around, doing almost nothing."
I nodded my head, embarrassed. We agreed among ourselves that we would be divided into two groups, one would sleep first then the others would pitch the stupid tent. The men were the first group. I yawned and pegged weakly.

Lisa didn't sleep and she came to help us. After quite a while she said she needed to relief herself. As it was in the middle of night, it was dangerous to do it behind a bush or something. I immediately volunteered to accompany her. Lisa didn't look at me when we walked away to a discreet place for her to ease herself. I guessed she still remembered what happened this afternoon.

She went to the beach and dug a small hole. I stood near a coconut tree, supposed to keep a lookout for her. But I couldn't resist looking at her. She unzipped her skirt and took out her panties. Immense pleasure rushed through me. She looked /hot/hot-sexy/sexy-and-hot/">sexy and hot with her skirt and panty gone.

Lisa finished her wwwxxx business and came to me. "Let's return to camp," she said. "Wait," I quickly said and pulled her toward me. Lisa smiled shyly at me. "Yes?" I touched her breasts and kissed her lips warmly. "You're beautiful. And beautiful people should not be wasted."

I licked her face with hot passion and we rolled on the sand. I undressed myself down to my /underwear/">underwear and took out Lisa's shirt. Her breasts were small but just right for me. I rubbed her breasts and she moaned erotically. She was a virgin, I guessed, but she was good. My hands slid off her bra and caressed her breasts willingly. They were on auto-pilot; my hands travelled from her breats downward, until reaching her pussy. I kept on touching her as I knew I had to be patient with a virgin. Finally, when the time was right, we merged as one.

We went back the camp, fully dressed. No one knew what we did but we knew we wanted more - when we return to our daily life.