Crossing The Line

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Crossing The Line

He walked into the meeting as if he owned the place, scanning the room before sitting down. Everything about him bespoke a sexual being, nothing held back, up close and personal - take me or leave me. He glanced at me when the boss introduced, acknowledging me with a slight nod. 

I was instantly attracted to him, right to my core; my body tensed and my heart began pounding inside my chest. My reaction came as a shock to me. Why? I am not gay or even bisexual, and had never been attracted to another male. I am just an average, horny, heterosexual male.

We chatted during the morning meeting, setting up schedules and outlining what we expected from one another. The entire time I was trying to hide my arousal, going so far as to cover my lap with my jacket. I had to do something about my infatuation and I had to do it now, there was no way I was going to walk around with a raging hardon for this entire project.


Following the morning meeting I decided to slip out for some lunch. My thoughts were all over the map, why did I want this guy, and what was it about him that just seemed to ?blow my mind?, was I sure I wanted him sexually, what would he do if I approached him. This last question seemed almost more important than the others, what if I approached him and he freaked out, what if he decided to quit the project, what if he hit me for ?coming on to him?. 

I sat looking at my uneaten food, my stomach churning along with my mind. I wasn?t even sure if I could actually do this, this thing that I wanted to do or at least thought I wanted to do.
Leaving my food on the table I paid the server and left the restaurant. I decided to go for a walk before heading back to the office, to try to clear my head.

I tried desperately to weigh the possible pros and indian santali xvideo cons of the situation I wanted to create. It didn?t matter, any which way I looked at it, I wanted this guy, and I wanted to experience him. Whether it would be a one time event or lead to something more, I wasn?t sure but I wanted him just the same.

I returned to the office to finish up my day. I tried to keep my mind on work but it was almost impossible, we were working side by side and I was becoming more and more aroused and increasingly nervous.

At the end of the day, I lingered, watching him while getting my stuff ready to go home.

Instead of leaving the building, he took the elevator to the ground floor and entered the /gym/">gym. This was my opportunity; I had a membership to the gym so decided to go for a workout. I went through my routine, my mind not really on working out but in turmoil over what I was about to do. I conveniently finished my workout at the same time he did and headed into the locker-room to shower.


I took my clothes off slowly, watching him do the same out of the corner of my eye. He stripped off his muscle shirt revealing his back and chest, covered in sheen of sweat. He then hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down. I held my breath as he removed his /underwear/">underwear. He grabbed his towel and headed for the shower.


On his way past he turned his head in my direction, looking me over, making my heart pound so hard I could feel the blood rushing through my brain. I glanced at him, at his body, at his /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock; I felt my own cock jerk hard. I looked up, searching his expression for something to tell me that he wanted this, he was okay with it, and he knew what I wanted. He gave a half grin and a quick wink; he knew.


I started breathing again when I was sure he was well past me, I needed the support of the wall to remain standing, the lack of oxygen taking its toll. I finished undressing, grabbed my towel and went to have a shower.

The steam from the /shower/hot-shower/">hot shower swirled as he stood under the cascading water. He was leaning forward, his hands braced on the wall in front of him, his eyes closed.

I soaped and rinsed my body under the shower next to him. I turned to him, my body sliding up to him from behind, he knew what I wanted, and I knew what he needed.

Taking the soap, I lathered my hands before placing them on his shoulders. I began rubbing his hard muscles using small circles, starting at the base of his neck and moving outwards along his shoulder blades and then down the outside of his arms ?feeling and kneading the tight muscles of his triceps and biceps, and working my hands down his back. 

My breathing became faster and louder. I slipped my hands to his front, circling his chest, my fingers stopping to pinch and caress his erect nipples. My fingers continued their downward exploration, soaping his smooth belly, grazing his pubic hair as I fanned outwards to his hips. I knelt and continued to wash his body, running my hands down the back of his thighs, then up his inner thighs to the very top of his legs.

I stopped, breathing hard, still on my knees. I wanted him to turn around.

"Please," I whispered.


He turned to face me, looking down only once before leaning back against the shower wall, closing his eyes. My body jerked involuntarily, precum forming at the end of my swollen cock. He was as hard as I was, his breathing ragged, his chest heaving.

I ran my hands up the backs of his thighs before grasping his rounded ass alain lyle porn cheeks and pulling his body towards me, letting my tongue snake out and lick the sensitive area on either side of his stiff cock. I refrained from touching his manhood, instead blowing hot breath over him, listening to his groans of longing. I licked my lips in anticipation when I saw his cock jerk and a small pearly drop of precum form at his slit. 

Sliding slowly up his body I took a nipple into my mouth, nibbling the tiny bud until it was red and erect. I ran the flat of my tongue over his left nipple, my hands sliding across his muscled stomach, my fingers just grazing the drooling head of his cock.

Dropping to my knees in front of him, I licked the tops of his thighs, my fingers sliding over his smooth ass, dipping inside his crack and finding his pleasure zone. I swiped my tongue along his shaft; lowering my head to take his firm balls into my mouth one by one, making them wet and making his cock secrete more precum. Again, I raised my head and ran my tongue along his shaft, making sure to lick his slit to taste his precum.

About every third journey, I took the head of his cock into my mouth, running my tongue around the ridge before sucking him deep into my throat, swallowing, humming over his cock as I tried to milk his balls of his seed.

He groaned each time I took him fully in my mouth, trying to push himself further down my throat. Every time I rubbed his /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole with my finger, he would grind back against my hand wanting to be filled. Continuing to suck him deep into my throat, I slipped first one, and then two fingers inside him, /fingering/ass-fingering/fingering-his-ass/">fingering his ass as he pushed back, pleasuring himself.

My God! This man had an incredible body and was sexy as fuck. He began to moan and shake as I sucked his hard, wet dick faster and with greater urgency, building him to the point of release only to stop and start over again.

When enough was enough, he didnt have to say any thing, he began to rock his hips, his hands fisted in my hair as I sucked and licked for all I was worth.

I didnt stop this time, instead I took him deeper and let him fuck my face while I finger-fucked his ass. Within seconds, I felt his balls tighten and I heard his sharp intake of breath, his cock thickened in my mouth and he went stock still before the first jet of /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum hit the back of my throat. Groaning, he face fucked me until every spurt of his seed had left his balls. I swallowed over and over as my mouth filled with his cum.


When he had finished shooting and his breathing returned to normal he pulled me to my /feet/">feet and looked me in the eyes, a smile lighting his face. He leaned in then and kissed me, his tongue licking over my lips before entering my mouth. 

?Thanks.?, he whispered softly into my ear.

Watching him leave, I leaned back against the shower wall, my hand traveling across my chest, pinching my /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. I ran my fingers down my stomach lightly before taking my swollen cock in my hand and began to stroke. Long, slow strokes at first, my cock slipping through my fist as I thought about what I had just done. My movements became faster, harder, as my breathing quickened; I closed my eyes, my head against the tile. I knew it wouldn?t take me long, precum dripped from my slit. My body began to shake; I jacked faster, a low groan escaping my mouth as I approached orgasm. I stiffened when it hit, my fist stopping mid stroke as the first jet of cum left my body. My eyes rolled back in my head and I began to jack again as I went over the cliff, opening my eyes briefly to see long ropes of cum hit the shower floor in front of me. When my balls were completely empty and I could focus again I rinsed my body in the hot water, then I too left the shower and returned to the locker room. 

I wasn?t sure if I was returning to the life I had before entering that shower or if I was entering a life filled with change, I guess I would see soon enough if I had crossed the line.