Traffic Jam

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Traffic Jam

The holiday season has come and gone. Resolutions have been made with all the sincerity of a paid witness. Yet’ its still my most joyous time of year. Let me begin by telling you that I don't consider myself to be a very /sensual/">sensual woman. I don't date all that often because of the demand on my time at work, and occasional sex is far less frequent. /good/good-sex/">good sex is rarer still. I'd pretty much settled into a routine of romance novels and masturbation as a means of sexual gratification. With a vivid imagination, I'd just about run out of things to ponder, but I was totally unprepared for what I experienced on this particular day.

I was only planning to be out for a hour or so, but I know that the holidays typically provide no shortage of congestion on the streets and at the malls. I'd just left my house heading to the nearest shopping center to purchase some last minute Christmas gifts. Being a single mom, I had about 3 hours before I had to get back home in time to pick up my /daughter/">daughter from school. Thinking ahead, I figured into my timeline the delay of increased traffic, and the expected wait in the check-out line at the store.

I made good time getting to the shopping center; the tinted windows on my car allowed me to take out my frustrations at other drivers without fear of being seen. Finally arriving, I seemed to have the hardest time finding a parking space. Every space had a car in it, even some spaces that weren't necessarily designated for parking had a vehicle crammed in them. The trick to this game is to follow someone as they walk to their car, a trick I've somewhat mastered. So as I caught glimpse of a couple exiting the mall entrance, I followed them at a safe distance in my car, checking the traffic around me to ensure myself a parking space.

I noticed how snuggled close they were, and just assumed that it was due to the frigid weather. The wind was blowing lightly, but the chill was creating noticeable frost on my windshield. As I continued to follow them, I heard muffled giggles coming from the young woman. Pulling up along side the couple, I saw for the /first-time/">first time that the young man had his hand inside her coat and was fondling her chilled nipples inconspicuously.

I felt a rush of heat wash over me with the realization of what was going on, and had to keep myself from staring. I smiled as they got into their car; couldn't help pondering what was next on their agenda. I was given a hint of the next game as I saw the young woman's head dip down teasingly as they pulled out of the parking space. I shook my head and tried to clear my mind as I parked and walked into the store.

I picked out my items and made my way to the monster of a check-out line. There were at least a million people in line, and I had become discouraged about how long I'd be waiting. I happened to stand behind another young couple, and I smiled at them as it seemed the holidays were making everyone smile. I then watched as the young mans hand made its way down her back and to the round curve of her ass to give it a gentle squeeze.

I arched a brow and smiled once more, and marveled at how hot the store seemed to have gotten in such a short time. Nonetheless, I endure the drudgery of checking out and after some snazzy maneuvering through the dangers of reckless drivers, arrived at my car. As I drove home I couldn't help thinking about the two young couples I'd witnessed engaged in public displays of affection. I had to admit that it made me more than a little excited.

My excitement was nothing compared to the scene in front of me. Seems a car made a wrong turn, hit a truck broadside, and hit a streetlight which came toppling down across all lanes of traffic. I was aghast at the situation, visibly frustrated but still hoping that the occupants of the car would be okay. I knew that I had a long wait ahead of me. There were emergency vehicles everywhere’ several ambulances, fire trucks and city maintenance vehicles. I resigned myself to the fact that it would be awhile before I'd get home.

So there I sat, alone, flustered and more than a little aroused. I flipped on my radio and sat back to wait until the streets were cleared. One of my favorite songs happened to be playing’ a subtle love song that seemed to work like an aphrodesiac. I closed my eyes and the two couples from earlier reappeared in my mind. I kept thinking of the two young men and imagining that the young /women/">women were both me.

A tingle began to build inside me; more warmth than my car heater was generating. I could feel the first young man's hand brushing teasingly across my nipple. I took a deep breath and my nipple stiffened under the soft fabric of my sweater. I imagined the other young man's hand lightly touching the inside of my thigh. A shiver ran through my body and my hand replaced the imaginary one, slipping inside the waistband of my skirt.

My fingertips were cold from gripping the icy steering wheel. I slid my hand between my legs and held it there. The difference in temperature caused a rush within my body and the wetness began to soak through my thin panties. I could feel a hand inching up my stomach toward my breasts, knowing it was my own. I sank lower in my seat and opened my eyes briefly to make sure the frost and my tinted windows allowed me blowjob porn videos the privacy I now wanted.

Safe within the confines of my car, my hands now had a mind of their own. Images of the two men I'd seen, occupied my thoughts. I rubbed slowly back and forth against my heated lips through my soaked panties. An intense need was taking over. The urge grew and I had to feel flesh against flesh. I pulled my skirt down, letting it fall to the pedals and spread my legs. My fingers slithered into my panties and I stroked my clit. Lightly at first, but when I pinched a nipple, my lust grew stronger.

I moaned and began grinding my hips into the hand running back and forth along my moist lips. My clit was screaming so I pushed my thumb against it, rotating in short swift circles. My chest was heaving from the excitement milf porn videos and I was now lost in the pleasure of the moment. I cupped a breast, dipping my head down and flicking my tongue across the nipple before pressing it between my lips. Sucking on my own nipple, the amount of wetness allowed two of my finger easy entry. The friction of my thumb against my swollen clit and of my fingers sliding in and out was making me moan louder.

Squeezing my breast I could feel my orgasm approaching. I pushed my legs together, tightened around my pistoning hand moving faster and faster. I felt the surge of sexual energy enveloping my body. My fingers and thumb worked furiously against my clit, and with one last burst of speed, I screamed as the orgasm overtook me. My lips clamped down around my fingers and my entire body shook with the force of the /climax/">climax.

When I finally caught my breath, I heard a tap on my window. A cracked the window just enough to see one of the firefighters leaning down to tell me that my lane was clear. He had a peculiar look on his face and figured it was the chill in the air. I thanked him with a smile and gathered myself together. As I drove away, I wondered if he could tell what I'd done; I could certainly smell the aroma of satisfaction in my car. I smiled and thought to myself, its just one more thing for my vivid imagination to explore.